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Heart Global cast members sing, dance, teach, and perform all over the globe. Apply NOW to be considered for a summer 2024 tour!

You’ll get to share your love of music, experience a different culture, and mentor the next generation of globe-connecting creatives. Apply today and tour the world!

Casting announcements will be sent via email.


At HEART Global, we’re on a mission to bring more music, more fun, more joy, and more togetherness to people around the world!

Our cast members are talented young teaching artists who facilitate workshops and performances across the globe to inspire, uplift, and provide hope and empowerment. We utilize peer to peer engagement, positive and uplifting teaching methodology, and cultural exchange to deepen important social-emotional and interpersonal skills.   


Our talented cast of 30 volunteer teacher-performers will be immersed in the local culture as they teach, travel, perform, and mentor the next generation of globe-connecting creatives - and YOU could be part of one of our next tours!

Japan Tour Dates: April 16 - August 26

Tour Highlights: Visiting 28+ communities across Osaka, Kyushu, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Shonan, Tokyo and MORE! 

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We've got you covered!


HEART Global is a non-profit performing arts organization. All performers are volunteers. Flights, ground transportation, accommodations, and meals while on tour are provided*. 


*Transportation includes roundtrip flights from a pre-determined major international airport, and ground transportation after arrival to the destination country. Accommodations and meals are provided by host families. 

Your future is calling -
submit your audition today!


Interested in joining one of our tours as a lighting or sound technician? Gain valuable experience traveling the world, working in multiple venues, and developing your ability to adapt in real-world situations! Plus, our tech team travels with our international cast and stays with our awesome host families, immersing them even further into the local culture. Don't miss this incredible opportunity - apply today! 



Get ready to experience the world like never before. We tour locations all around the globe — Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States — adventure awaits around every corner!


Each tour immerses you, a Heart Global cast member, in the local culture while you develop leadership, interpersonal, teaching, and performance skills. You'll stay with host families throughout each tour, further enhancing your cultural experience and providing many exciting opportunities for both personal and professional development.​

If you love to perform, teach, travel and inspire - HEART Global may be just what you've been looking for!

Submit your audition today!


audition now


Please see Audition Instructions below and click the "Audition Form" link to submit

Casting notices will be sent via email

The audition portal will remain open until the final cast is confirmed - candidates are welcome to submit until the portal is closed.

We strongly encourage all candidates to review the "Details" section above prior to submitting your audition form.


Fill out the audition form + Upload your audition video


Click the "Audition Form" button below and complete all of the fields. At the end of the form, there is a place to upload your audition video - see below for important details on what to include in your video:

Audition video instructions


Your audition video is your opportunity to share your talents and personality with us, and we can't wait to get to know you!


Videos do NOT need to be professionally filmed or edited. Just grab a smart phone, hit record, and upload to the Audition Form.


  1. Intro: Include a short introduction of yourself with a brief summary of your training and performance experience, as well as why you would like to tour with HEART Global (please keep this portion under 2 minutes if possible). This is our opportunity to get to know you - be yourself and speak from your heart!

  2. Singing: Sing 2 songs that are contrasting styles. For example, an up-tempo pop and a musical theatre ballad, or opera and jazz, or country and soul, etc. Both songs should be sung a cappella (if you would like, you may accompany yourself on one of the two songs). We only need to hear a portion of each song, not the full song - approximately 16-32 bars, or 30-45 seconds, is all we need! If you don’t consider yourself a singer, just do your best - the most important thing is that you TRY!



  1. Dancing: You may include up to 3 short dance routines showcasing as many dance styles as you would like (performance clips are fine). If you are in a group, please identify yourself by what you are wearing and/or where you are in the group. 
    If you are a trained dancer, please include the following technical elements in your video: single pirouette, double pirouette, pique turns across the floor (or as many as your space allows), jete leaps across the floor (as space allows), and front, side and back developpe.

  2. Instrument: If you are an advanced instrumentalist, we would love to see your skills! Please include 30-60 seconds of a song of your choice (a performance clip is fine) If you play more than one instrument, please feel free to include multiple clips.

  3. Other talents: If you have any other performance-related talents or skills, we would love to see them! Please keep these clips under 1 minute in length.


Last Step!

Rename your video(s) with your first and last name and upload to the Tour Audition form.

Ready to audition?

Questions? Email us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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