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Who is the cast?

HEART Global cast members are a carefully curated team of creative artists from around the world. Each team member submits an audition application, which is carefully reviewed by our artistic team, and must complete a rigorous panel selection and training process.

Our cast members are chosen for their talent, heart, passion, and dedication to sharing their love of music with your students. 


About HEART Global Outreach Tours

In 1992, HEART Global Co-Founder & Artistic Director Bill Brawley created the Music Outreach Tour program. Over the course of 30 years, Bill grew the program to five continents, impacting millions of people and their communities.


The global pandemic halted this incredible program, and Bill knew he must find a path to continue bringing music and the arts to young people across the globe... HEART Global was born. 

Since its inception, HEART Global has reached thousands of young people through both our global e-workshops and in person tours. 

Bill Brawley
Co-Founder + Artistic Director, HEART Global
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We've developed a unique, holistic approach:

  • A team of around 20 young international teachers between the ages of 18 and 28 will come to your school and work with your students.

  • Within just one day they'll have a complete show experience together, with singing, dance and performance numbers, and perform it for their families and community.

  • Students will be introduced to our workshop's key philosophy of "YES AND!" which encourages students to look at their own possibilities instead of looking at their problems. The fostering of this key skill leads students to a more successful lifestyle, even after the workshop, as they navigate their developmental years.

  • In the course of this intensive work, our participants experience the incomparable positive spirit and the powerful energy of the young, passionate teachers. A strong sense of community and togetherness develops that bridges all cultural, religious and social barriers. The pupils go through key experiences that help to overcome old patterns of prejudice, self-restraint and insecurities and lead to a new view of themselves, others and life.


Ryan Moffett

General Manager

United Kingdom /

Republic of Ireland

Welcome to 

HEART Global UK + Ireland

Witnessing first-hand the power, passion and positivity that Heart Global offers, is exactly what the youth in the UK and Ireland need. Life changed due to COVID-19, but it helped us remember how important in-person workshops and activities are to development and gaining life experiences together. 


Please contact me if you have any questions about the planning, preparation and implementation of a workshop at your school or social institution, by email anytime. We're already looking forward to a great workshop with you!


Ryan Moffett

Book your workshop today!

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